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Flea Control in Zanesville, OH

Are your pets scratching more than usual? You may need flea control in Zanesville, OH, by the skilled team at Buckeye Nation Pest Control, LLC. Flea infestations are notoriously difficult to completely eradicate, but our flea exterminator has the knowledge and skills to provide comprehensive flea removal service in your home and yard as well as other types of pest removal.

If you notice any signs of flea infestation on your pets, be sure to get in touch with our professional flea removal team. Studies show that the vast majority of fleas are not actually on your pets, but in their bedding, your property's yard, your carpet, and virtually any textile or fabric material in your building. Our team is able to completely treat these areas to prevent re-infestation.

When to Call a Professional Flea Exterminator

If your pet has fleas, it should become obvious fairly quickly. Unfortunately, by the time you notice the tiny, fast-moving black specks on your pet, chances are your home is already hosting a significant population of the pests in addition to their eggs. Our flea exterminator is able to treat every area of your house and help prevent future infestations. It's important to treat the exterior as well as the interior of your house in addition to your pets, or you'll end up spending a fortune on repeat treatments, which may cause the fleas to become resistant to the solutions used.

Flea Control in Zanesville, OH

Flea Removal Service to Protect Your Family

Because fleas feed on nearly any warm-blooded creature, they have the ability to carry diseases that are capable of spreading to your pets as well as your family including typhus, plague, and Bartonella (commonly known as "cat-scratch fever") in cats. In addition, fleas frequently transmit tapeworms to pets, which are capable of affecting humans in certain cases. Our flea removal service helps avoid these risks by completely removing the flea infestation from your property. Regular preventative treatment for your pets by their veterinarian helps ensure they don't bring fleas home from the park or other animals.

Professional Flea Removal is Most Effective

While there are many apparent flea removal methods touted by amateurs, the best way to ensure that all fleas and their eggs are gone is by hiring our professional flea removal service. Most types of store-bought pest solutions do not cover each stage of a flea's life, which can leave behind larvae and eggs that are now resistant to the pesticide you used. Leave the flea control to our trained and knowledgeable experts who are able to make sure all fleas, larvae, pupae, and eggs are completely exterminated.

Contact us to allow our team to provide comprehensive flea control services. We work with clients in the Zanesville, Cambridge, Coshocton, Lancaster, and Baltimore, Ohio, areas.

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